Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why You Gotta Do Me Like That Apple?

This one is going to be short. I've had my third ipod die on me this weekend.

I can hardly throw out the trash without having on my headphones. When I leave my apartment in the morning and the sun is shining, do you know what I'm listening to as I bop down the street? "Come Into My World" by Kyle Minogue.

I absolutely attribute this habit to my city upbringing. It's the best way to keep out the crazies I encounter on my commute to and from my daily travels. I don't have a car. Now I'll get to listen to the drunken hobos' sexual advances or the hipster couple deciding whose going to buy the next round of weed. Thanks, Apple.

What am I going to do at the gym? How am I gonna get my arse in gear with out my 'Dance' playlist? Have I gotten too spoiled? Am I not supposed to expect my media products to last longer than a year or is it just me? Am I kiss of death for every ipod I've ever had? Do I have to succumb to the crappy policy of buying insurance for something that's inevitably going to break? Am I asking too many unanswerable questions? Makes me yearn for the bygones days of portable CD players when the only malfunction concern was a scratched CD.

I know I'm not the first to write on this subject and I'm surely not the first to be burned at the sight of a 'sad mac' face staring back at me from that little white drug that held so much promise.

Also, I'm incredibly stubborn and don't want to have to buy another ipod just for it to get outdated in two weeks. Isn't insanity repeating the same method while expecting different results?

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