Saturday, May 31, 2008

Twice a Bridesmaid!

It is with great pleasure that I announce my second turn as a bridesmaid to my dear friend CG. Congratulations to her and A!

CG and I met in college. We are both natural New Yorkers. I think she really stole my heart when we made a mix cd filled with R. Kelly and other classic New York slow jams after one of our sorority events. Once we graduated college, we shared work woes together and often, our frustration with the New York dating scene.

Serious boy woes stopped about two years ago on her end with the entrance of A. He was the cute co-worker at a gig she didn't exactly love. Thankfully, she found something worthy other than career advancement from that day job!

Wedding date has not been set yet, but I am excited to share in the special day no matter when it is!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Every time I go to LA, it's like a new place. Different things to see and new neighborhoods to explore. The only thing that stays the same in my other west coast urban family. I have some really solid pals out there that are a mix of people I went to kindergarten, high school, and college with. I'm impressed to see my peeps doing well.

Being in LA always makes me think of the Red Hot Chili Peppers as well. The radio station out there was doing a top 500 Memorial Day countdown and RHCP was all over it. They are the quintessential modern day California band. Anthony has a knack for saying such cute things about the place he grew up.

Blue you sit so pretty west of the 1.
Sparkles light with yellow icing,
just a mirror for the sun.

We hit up some fun bars downtown. My favorite of which was The Edison. It had a 40s inspired theme with bartenders and hostesses dressing the part. It had every detail from the ottomans to the lighting fixtures not to mention a serious Bourbon drink that included ginger ale and peach schnapps, my fave combo lately.

So, here's to LA, a city that reinvents itself for me more times than Madonna.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bay to Breakers 2008

Calling All Peeps Who Like to Get Naked in Public

The thing about Bay to Breakers is that it revolves around a race that goes from the SF Bay (Embarcadero) to the Pacific Ocean coast. That's wonderful, but I will be writing for all those who prefer the step-child version of the event: dressing up and getting boozed up at 7:30AM to walk alongside the runners.

Sadly, this year I woke up late, didn't get dressed up, and ended up taking pics from the sideline. There were the usual suspects such as Double Dare team and tennis ensembles. A few other groups I liked were "Peep Show" which were chicks in yellow dresses with hoods wearing the Peeps logo, elves inspired by the movie Elf, and some convicts climbing in trees. These are pictured below.

The other issue is the way some people use this event as an excuse to get naked in public. Most notably, Why is it that the men with the smallest penises try to flash their shit around town? I hate it. Gross. Like I ever want to see these lil nubbins in my face that I don't approve of myself. Really. Sick. I'm sparing you those photos in lieu of these:


Friday night, V and I went to see our fave Latin artist, Juanes, at the HP Pavilion in San Jose. We first saw him on his Mi Sangre tour in 2005 at Madison Square Garden in New York. For those of you who don't know, Juanes is from Colombia and is the recipient of 12 (TWELVE!) Latin American Grammys. He's a political motivator and good spirit in the vein of Bono. His music is inspiring and earnest. I'll be shallow for a moment and also mention that I find him incredibly attractive. This was the closest I've been to a singer in a stadium setting. I pretty much screamed throughout the entire show. NV and I sang every song.

I love seeing him in concert because he's so upbeat and really commands the stage. He runs around to every corner and engages the audience at every turn. He also is an expert at pillow talking the ladies in the audience. It's quite incredible. From the pics, you can tell he's having such a good time working it. Here's a pic of his telling us about how lovely women are:

HP Pavilion, May 16, 2008. San Jose, CA.
A Dios Le Pido
No Creo en el Jamas
Mala Gente
Clase de Amor
La Noche
Un Dia Normal
Gotas de Agua Dulce
Bandera de Manos
Para Tu Amor
Me Enamora
La Paga
La Vida...Es Un Ratico
Minas Piedras
Es Por Ti
La Camisa Negra

Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor
? (rats, I didn't know the last song!)

Also, let me just say he has the sweetest lyrics. Lately, I've been listening to Un Dia Normal a lot lately. Mostly for this phrase:
No importa en donde estes yo desde aquí te besaré en mis sueños
Mi sangre arderá por ti hasta que se pierda por tu cuerpo
En un día como hoy caminaré más despacio
En un día como hoy defenderé mi verdad
En un día como hoy te amarraré con mis brazos

Sunday, May 11, 2008

France and I Finally Agree on Something...

Kylie Minogue is the Best!

Kylie Minogue is by far my mascot. I love her to no bounds. When she announced she had breast cancer, I prayed for her every time I heard one of her songs or happened to think of her as I walked down the street. For me, she is a classy, sexy lady who has done all of Madonna's tricks first. Have you seen the 'Spinning Around' video? She basically already did the whole 'Hung Up' dance routine back in 2000 in gold hot pants. It is no surprise that France chose to knight Kylie in the Order of Arts and Letters.

Most Americans got reacquainted with Ms. Minogue during her Fever era. That's cool. I don't hate on when fans became fans. My stay in London in 2003 solidified my love for her. She's as part of the culture there as fish 'n' chips! And who wouldn't adopt her as their loyal knight? She has incredible style and fortitude under personal trials and tribulations. I can't express enough how much I find her to be a the poster child for smiling and remaining positive through adversity. Even when she was breaking up with that foine slice of a man, Olivier Martinez, she was adamant to keep the press off his back to maintain their privacy and dignity. Again, classy lady.

If you haven't picked up her latest album, X, go get it! It's perfect for to get pumped up at the gym or before a night out dancing.

Kylie Minogue is today's sexy animal by the way!

Congratulations, Kylie! You deserve it, sister! God bless.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Spread It

M and I like to watch the Food Network on occasion. Every occasion more like. Just before we were watching Barefoot Contessa. Personally, I hate this hoe. She always wears the same things and talks about Nantucket. Two things I will never understand. This time around as she was making some cranberry scones for her husband I believe she referred to her stomach as 'he.' Gender dysphoria, much?

Then we watched my favorite hometown gal, Paula Deen, who happened to be accompanied by her stiff son. He's always the wild card when he shows up to help her cook meals that include 2 pounds of sugar, 1 cup of lard, and chocolate shavings. Today's sweet indulgence: Mississippi Mud Pie. Dang, kids, amazing. I think the climax for me was when Paula instructed said stiff son to 'spread.' Oh yes, Paula, you spread that whip cream over your mud pie. You did it girl!

Son, Paula Deen, and Stiff Son

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On Being a Grown Up

Now that I've stepped into the realm of 'late 20s' I can definitely say that being a 'grown up' is about owning your decisions. My wise sage of a friend MK (and no, not the Olsen) said: You are the only person you have to rely on in this life and you have to do whatever makes you happy and content.

I have a big family and large group of friends who are never shy about what they think is best for me. I appreciate their care and concern infinitely. I've always been pretty stubborn about my decisions, so trying to reason with me or change my mind has never been an easy road for my beloveds. The best thing I can offer is that I always weigh my options by creating the happiest and most fulfilling scenario. Who doesn't/wouldn't do that for herself? I may not always be right, and Lord knows the vision always ends up entirely different. Sorry to get all deep. I hate those posts generally, especially when I'm being all vague and what not. I'm just saying I'm getting in full-swing 'planning life' mode. I did this two years ago when the vision I had for myself went drastically off the plot. And though it would seem to most that I make drastic decisions (moving across countries, quitting jobs, etc.), I always make each move with my entire heart and I haven't regretted one.

ANYWAY I know it's been a long time, a long time. I shouldn't've left you...left you...without a dope sexy animal to step to.

SOOOOOO Here's today's
Sexy Animal (2 in 1!)

Now, my brother suggested platypussies are sexy animals and should get prime billing in one of my posts. He's right. Features of a duck with furry tendencies. Brilliant! Here's a cutie I found off of Google Images. I think it's important to note that while the platypus featured in this post is gorgeous alone, his handler has got it going on as well. GETUPONTHIS loves handler's gold chain and chest hair. It really makes a classy accessories pairing.