Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sociopaths in the Workplace Part 3

Where was I in my Sociopaths in the Workplace entries? Ah, yes. I was up to the part where CP shamelessly decided to use cancer as an excuse for not bringing in her portion of the sales for our fall issue.

Two months post her leave and it's pretty safe to say that hoe didn't have cancer. Really, who does that? Who cops out on a serious disease to get back at her coworkers? Lame.

If you can't hack it at work, get fired or quit with some sense of integrity. We've all had challenges we couldn't meet. It's a part of life.

On the flip side, Mr. Queen had a stone of his own to throw. In the middle of a sales cycle, he decided to up and take a new gig leaving us to fend for ourselves in the wintery, barren world of print ad sales.

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