Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Importance of Being Earnest

Here are some things I want:
  1. Insurance (so I can get my bum leg to physical therapy.)
  2. a hair cut (so that dryness and tangling will no longer halt my daily schedule.)
  3. wax: legs and bikini (shaving for like 14 years has finally gotten to my skin.)
  4. an apartment (again, can't tell if i'm being picky.)
  5. a brand new wardrobe (I feel like I haven't gotten new clothes since last fall.)
  6. new glasses (I love my glasses now, but need an update.)
  7. a puppy (for good measure.)
  8. a new ipod (I haven't had one since...06? Can't even remember.)
  9. gym membership (i'm fat.)

santa, feel free to pitch in here.


meladoriem said...

haha. i love your list.

you are NOT fat. please!

waxing is amazing, but warning: you can still get the little red bumpies if you don't moisturize and exfoliate often (grrr!) the place by my mom's does both legs for only $15!!! not sure about bikini. the thought of it already pains me.

DJ Koalabee said...

DITTO! And good tip! $15 is a steal!!!!