Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On Being a Grown Up

Now that I've stepped into the realm of 'late 20s' I can definitely say that being a 'grown up' is about owning your decisions. My wise sage of a friend MK (and no, not the Olsen) said: You are the only person you have to rely on in this life and you have to do whatever makes you happy and content.

I have a big family and large group of friends who are never shy about what they think is best for me. I appreciate their care and concern infinitely. I've always been pretty stubborn about my decisions, so trying to reason with me or change my mind has never been an easy road for my beloveds. The best thing I can offer is that I always weigh my options by creating the happiest and most fulfilling scenario. Who doesn't/wouldn't do that for herself? I may not always be right, and Lord knows the vision always ends up entirely different. Sorry to get all deep. I hate those posts generally, especially when I'm being all vague and what not. I'm just saying I'm getting in full-swing 'planning life' mode. I did this two years ago when the vision I had for myself went drastically off the plot. And though it would seem to most that I make drastic decisions (moving across countries, quitting jobs, etc.), I always make each move with my entire heart and I haven't regretted one.

ANYWAY I know it's been a long time, a long time. I shouldn't've left you...left you...without a dope sexy animal to step to.

SOOOOOO Here's today's
Sexy Animal (2 in 1!)

Now, my brother suggested platypussies are sexy animals and should get prime billing in one of my posts. He's right. Features of a duck with furry tendencies. Brilliant! Here's a cutie I found off of Google Images. I think it's important to note that while the platypus featured in this post is gorgeous alone, his handler has got it going on as well. GETUPONTHIS loves handler's gold chain and chest hair. It really makes a classy accessories pairing.

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