Sunday, May 11, 2008

France and I Finally Agree on Something...

Kylie Minogue is the Best!

Kylie Minogue is by far my mascot. I love her to no bounds. When she announced she had breast cancer, I prayed for her every time I heard one of her songs or happened to think of her as I walked down the street. For me, she is a classy, sexy lady who has done all of Madonna's tricks first. Have you seen the 'Spinning Around' video? She basically already did the whole 'Hung Up' dance routine back in 2000 in gold hot pants. It is no surprise that France chose to knight Kylie in the Order of Arts and Letters.

Most Americans got reacquainted with Ms. Minogue during her Fever era. That's cool. I don't hate on when fans became fans. My stay in London in 2003 solidified my love for her. She's as part of the culture there as fish 'n' chips! And who wouldn't adopt her as their loyal knight? She has incredible style and fortitude under personal trials and tribulations. I can't express enough how much I find her to be a the poster child for smiling and remaining positive through adversity. Even when she was breaking up with that foine slice of a man, Olivier Martinez, she was adamant to keep the press off his back to maintain their privacy and dignity. Again, classy lady.

If you haven't picked up her latest album, X, go get it! It's perfect for to get pumped up at the gym or before a night out dancing.

Kylie Minogue is today's sexy animal by the way!

Congratulations, Kylie! You deserve it, sister! God bless.

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