Friday, May 9, 2008

Spread It

M and I like to watch the Food Network on occasion. Every occasion more like. Just before we were watching Barefoot Contessa. Personally, I hate this hoe. She always wears the same things and talks about Nantucket. Two things I will never understand. This time around as she was making some cranberry scones for her husband I believe she referred to her stomach as 'he.' Gender dysphoria, much?

Then we watched my favorite hometown gal, Paula Deen, who happened to be accompanied by her stiff son. He's always the wild card when he shows up to help her cook meals that include 2 pounds of sugar, 1 cup of lard, and chocolate shavings. Today's sweet indulgence: Mississippi Mud Pie. Dang, kids, amazing. I think the climax for me was when Paula instructed said stiff son to 'spread.' Oh yes, Paula, you spread that whip cream over your mud pie. You did it girl!

Son, Paula Deen, and Stiff Son

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