Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bay to Breakers 2008

Calling All Peeps Who Like to Get Naked in Public

The thing about Bay to Breakers is that it revolves around a race that goes from the SF Bay (Embarcadero) to the Pacific Ocean coast. That's wonderful, but I will be writing for all those who prefer the step-child version of the event: dressing up and getting boozed up at 7:30AM to walk alongside the runners.

Sadly, this year I woke up late, didn't get dressed up, and ended up taking pics from the sideline. There were the usual suspects such as Double Dare team and tennis ensembles. A few other groups I liked were "Peep Show" which were chicks in yellow dresses with hoods wearing the Peeps logo, elves inspired by the movie Elf, and some convicts climbing in trees. These are pictured below.

The other issue is the way some people use this event as an excuse to get naked in public. Most notably, Why is it that the men with the smallest penises try to flash their shit around town? I hate it. Gross. Like I ever want to see these lil nubbins in my face that I don't approve of myself. Really. Sick. I'm sparing you those photos in lieu of these:

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