Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Importance of Being Earnest, Redux

Annotated Bibliography

Here are some things I want:

1. Insurance (so I can get my bum leg to physical therapy.)
I still don't have this and need it desperately. I was thinking of going shopping, but it puts a damper on things when it hurts to walk. It says so much about this country that I'm a working citizen, but don't have insurance. Makes me want to puke. It's going to make me really puke once I somehow get insurance and find out what's actually wrong with me.

2. a hair cut (so that dryness and tangling will no longer halt my daily schedule.)
So I ended up getting a hair cut by the stylist of a friend. I've always loved my friend's hair cuts, but she definitely has differently textured hair. Nonetheless went and got a lazy haircut. I hate having to explain in full detail what I need a stylist to do, but turns out I should have done just that. I mentioned thoroughly layering my hair in a choppy fashion to get out all the old dead odds and ends. I left with my hair still full of split ends and and a general dryness signature of my hair after months of not getting a cut. I finally chose my own place, which I should have done instead of taking the easy way out. Mousey Brown on Lorimer in BK. Jenn totes knew what I needed and now my hair feels so fresh and so clean clean.

3. wax: legs and bikini (shaving for like 14 years has finally gotten to my skin.)
Eh, I got new razors. Does that count? I did though find a place I felt would wax my legs at a decent price. As per nether regions, still being incredibly shy and fearful.

4. an apartment (again, can't tell if i'm being picky.)
Shoot me in face. That's how much I really want to talk about this topic.

5. a brand new wardrobe (I feel like I haven't gotten new clothes since last fall.)
After throwing what I would call a growns-up person tantrum, M took me to Woodbury Commons. I made a killing at Espirit and definitely got some classic winter/fall gear. Still desperately need shoes, boots, and a down coat.

6. new glasses (I love my glasses now, but need an update.)
I still have to make time to do this. Not sure when. I also need some new contacts. It's somewhat low on the priority list.

7. a puppy (for good measure.)
Mr. Bojangles, when are we gonna meet? I was watching some god show on the Animal Planet last night and really got the dog itch. M says we can get a dog once I pop out two kids. Um....riiiiiiigggghhht.

8. a new ipod (I haven't had one since...06? Can't even remember.)
I caved and got a 'classic' black ipod. Let's see how long til I run it into the ground. I needed it though. I can't stand New Yorkers on my commute to work: the hissing assholes, the wailing children, the moaning preacher. They can literally all go to hell.

9. gym membership (i'm fat.)
So being that my knee is an absolute wreck, I've taken to just not eating! That solves that! No, but really. I'm eating a lot less in an attempt to fit into the clothes I have. I literally don't fit into some of my clothes and I find myself appalling disgusting. Like, who the hell let the fatty into my body? Oh right, that was me and my penchant for wine, bourbon, cookies, cakes, pasta, cheese, mexican food, pastries, pernil, rice. I can go on.

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