Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Memoriam

In Memoriam:

In loving memory of Raymund Wu: hardworking businessman, loyal husband, loving father and grandfather. There is no better legacy than enduring love. All who knew Raymund spoke of his generosity, care, and good spirit.

In life, you are lucky if you can grow and learn in the presence of positive, loving family. I can't say enough how much 'Gunggung' adored his grandchildren, and vice versa. On the day of his wake, I saw his wife, Stella, staring dutifully down at her husband with whom she'd shared her life. I couldn't help but think, that despite having to part, reminding us all of our human condition, she must have felt so happy knowing she got the most out of her life with him: two beautiful daughters, 5 gorgeous grandchildren, a lovely home their work and strength provided.

In death, the only solace is to remember the joys in life and to continue to honor the people who bring us this joy.


Elizabeth said...

With all my heart - thank you Marse

elizabeth wu

The Hoher Family said...

Thank you for this....