Saturday, September 20, 2008

Topshop, America?

I will definitely say one of the best things about being in Europe is coming back to America with Topshop items and bragging to friends in this sort of tone:

'Oh, yeah? You like my (insert item here). Well, it's only sold in Europe. Yeah, sucks you can't get your own.'

Oh wait, only I do that, you say? Whoops!
In any case, this was all before the stock market crashed and I could actually think about going to Europe on vaca. Seems like a sad, sad, long and distant dream now. Anyway, come to find out Topshop is opening an American element to their website.

Now, you can browse in prices inflated to match our dollar! Thanks, Topshop!

I've already purchased two hats and a bag! I would show you a pic of the bag, but for some reason, it's no longer on the site (british or usa version). I take it to mean it's sold out?

I freakin love Kate Moss' line. I would buy every single thing cept as I mentioned before, we're in a sever recession. Check it out, though, in case you want to splurge before we all end up in dust bowls again ;)



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