Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Purse Dig

Hot dangit do I hate the inevitable purse dig.

Ladies, y'all know what I'm talkin' 'bout!

You have a handful of groceries and get to your front door only to have to set all the bags down to search for your keys. I hates it!

Or, you're getting your morning tea or coffee and decide to pay cash. Teller asks you for like, 3 extra cents, and there you are holding up the line for 3 freakin pennies...cos you know they are in there, somewhere.

I tried to alleviate the purse dig in large totes by employing the 'pouch system' where everything is neatly stored away in its own pouch.
1. money items: wallet, change, receipts
2. beauty items: tissues, lip gloss, eye drops, mirror, bobby pins
3. electronics: ipo (yeah, i got a new one; that's for another post), Blackberry

Seemed like a pretty solid plan that worked well when changing bags. Here's the issue: I found myself endlessly digging through pouches!

When will it end?

The Other M bought me this awesome cowhide, reversible shallow purse with accordian-style pockets. It was much easier to organize in a shallow handbag.

I was all excited to have everything in its right place, as the song says. Then when I was in shoe shop trying to pick out some new fall shoes and noticing how terribly fat I've gotten, the strap to cow purse broke!

I have to get a new strap. The bag is vintage and had a janky strap to start, but I'm sure my fat arm tugging on the thing all dang day didn't help matters.

Does anyone know a good leather worker?! I could bring it to Honduras, but...that's a long trip.

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