Saturday, September 6, 2008


I just saw Waitress for the first time. You know, that movie with Keri Russell where she makes pies and gets degraded by her swine of a husband. It combined my two favorite things, yummy pies and bitter, sad stories.

At first I just put it on cos nothing was on Food Network, but was hooked by the first scene in which Jenna finds out she's preggers with aforementioned terrible husband.

The Other M was in the living room watching football. I came out of our room to give him an update on my wonderful premium cable find and he said, 'Wasn't that the one with the actress who got killed after making it?'

WHAAA?, I said. NO WAY.

Sadly, turns out he was partly right. The writer/director, Adrienne Shelly, was murdered by her illegal construction worker Ecuadorian neighbor. She caught him stealing from her home.

This brings conflicting issues for me.
1. Talented women getting murdered by desperate men.
2. The plight of illegal immigrants.

True, I don't feel much sympathy for anyone who chooses murder above any other problem solving method, but I wonder what her killer's life was like before he came to the USA, and even after.

What a terrible tragedy. Watching the film, you get the sense immediately that this writer has empathy for anyone dealing with the absolute shit life deals you. Oh, the terrible irony.

If you are so inclined, check out the movie. It's a terrific piece.

Family and friend have set up a foundation on her behalf, ASF (Adrienne Shelly Foundation.) It benefits female filmmakers and their endeavors.

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